About Rented

Rented is an all-in-one property management platform, built by landlords for landlords, tailored for residential rental properties in New Zealand.

Key Features For Landlords

Our platform is built to meet landlords' real needs. We have invested significant effort on property accounting to make your life easier.

  • Save $ by using our accounting report to prepare EOY IRD tax returns
  • Bank transaction feed import - time saving when entering large amount of data
  • Income, expenses, and depreciable assets managed
  • Track rent payments, charge invoices to tenants
  • Free property listing, listing enquiries and applications
  • Residential tenancy agreement builder with e-signing.
  • Compliance document generations - Healthy Homes Compliance Statement, Property Insurance Statement etc.
  • Property management - inspection, issue reporting and communications
  • The software utilises password-less authentication method, no more password to remember.

Product Features


Transaction Centre allows you to keep track of depreciable assets, income and expenses, attaching invoices, export, and bank feed import.


Listing, enquiries, applications, background checking, tenancy agreement - they are all automated for tenant findings.


Easy to use and comprehensive inspection tool
Maintenancy issue reporting
Tenancy message channels

Document Centre

You can keep all your important documents in a central place. We offer a generous 5GB space quota, enough to store up to 16,000 typical tenancy agreements!


We are giving the software product to other landlords for free trials. There is no charge currently.

Advanced Features

Financials, assets

Track all financial transactions against your portfolio online, no more spreadsheet

Take photos of receipts to upload, no more paper receipts stacked.

Track payment from tenants to monitor rent arrears

Charge tenants for reimbursements

Register depreciable chattels to claim from tax return

Tax Accounting Report

Advanced accounting tool, chattel depreciations, NZ interest deduction rules

Pay less tax and simplify your tax return process.

Automatic asset depreciations

Interest limitation functions

Ability to adjust final numbers

Comprehensive tool and reporting available to assist end of year tax return

Take the numbers to fill IR3 and IR7.

A sample Tax Return report see how our tool can help you filling IRD forms.

Bank Feed Import

Save time with bulk transaction import through bank feed

Manual income expense data entry can be time-consuming and error-prone. With bank feeds import you can skip manual data entry and import transactions in bulk.

Export your bank transactions with a file in CSV format.

Import into the application and start reconciliation.

Auto-match: we automatically match rent income for you with the reference field configuration. You just need to confirm the match.

Avoid duplications: we automatically detect duplications and exclude them from being imported.

Guided steps for you to go through tenant finding process

Follow the steps we designed to avoid pitfalls and make the process as smooth as possible.

We believe people's time is precious nowadays, so we don't require tenants to register for enquiries. You can contact potential applicants directly.

You can schedule open homes to allow tenants to register for a space. You can request guests to confirm their attendance before the open home.

Applications, tenancy, and compliance statements are all auto generated.

Easy to use Tenancy Agreement Builder will produce a compliant agreement using a template from Tenancy Services. Agreement is e-signed, save you from printing.

A sample agreement generated by the software and e-signed by both parties.

Schedule and manage open homes

Schedule multiple open homes and guests can book spaces

See who have reserved with their contact details

Request guests to confirm their attendance

Private open homes

Maintenance issues

Centralied issue reporting and immediate notifications.

Allow tenants report issues and attach photos.

For non-urgent issues, you can download a PDF file with all the details. You can then send the file to tradies for quote.

Have a look at a sample issue report.

Property inspections and reports

Our inspection tool is easy to use while the list of areas to cover is comprehensive.

Landlord and tenants can carry on the inspection at the same time.

An inspection report can be generated and saved.

A sample inspection report

NZ Compliance Statements

NZ Healthy Homes statement builder is much more intuitive to fill than the government template

Fully compliant insurance and healthy homes statement

Download as PDF and share with tenants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

  • No. We don't manage customer properties, as we focus on providing IT solutions for property management.

  • No. Please note we don't provide property accounting service. Our software is designed with book keeping and property accounting functions. As a user you are a decision maker. Please consult a qualified accountant for unclear issues.

  • Your data and files are securely stored in the Microsoft Azure platform, a data centre in Australia East region.

  • We have the following security measures to make sure the application and data are secure:

    * We introduced the passwordless user registration and sign in process. Never need to worry about password leaking as there is no password.

    * The backend database is hosted by Microsoft in Azure platform with encryptions, behind a firewall. We don't need to worry hardware failure as Microsoft takes care of infrastructures.

    * Your documents and photos are stored in Azure private storage, accessed through the application only. (Except property listing photos, they are publicly visible.)

    * The application has inbuilt security checking, making sure members can only access their own data and resources.